How it works

Here is our simple process to lead you from idea to an OUTSTANDING finished product:

  1. Place your order. After we receive your order, we will send you an email requesting any collateral you would like to use for the project. Don't sweat the details! Many projects stall on file types and resolution concerns. Just follow the instructions and send us everything you got. We will sort it out and come up with a plan. (Day 1)
  2. First Proof. We will provide you with a rough draft. Here is where we determine what you like and don't like. It will allow us to fine tune the design to maximize the impact. For mailings, we send a second email with the recommended mailing routes and map based on the address you provided. (Day 3)
  3. Second Proof. We provide an updated proof and mailing routes (if necessary) for  the second round of changes. (Day 5)
  4. FINAL Proof. We provide a FINAL proof for approval! With your final approval we schedule for completion. (Day 7)

Typical projects take 7 days to design a quality product. Some less, some more. But following our simple process with timely responses will keep us on track.

After receiving your approval, your product will be printed and prepared for delivery.