Q. Do you offer different sizes?

A. No.  There are hundreds of different sizes and paper stock combinations. We have selected the products which are effective, readily available and cost-effective. All the other options lead to "analysis paralysis" and slow the process down. Managing fewer sizes also increases the efficiency of our design team and helps create a better overall product.


Q. Can I provide my own 'print ready' design?

A. Having a hammer makes me no more a Carpenter than having an oven makes me a Chef!  Unfortunately, having a computer does not make everyone a designer. We welcome all collateral available to design a great finished product. However, we design everything from scratch to insure the necessary color, size and resolution are correct. The images and fonts are properly licensed to avoid copyright issues. 

Q. Can you do...(insert business cards, postcards, envelopes etc.)?

A. Of course we can, but we choose not to. Keeping our core focus on a few high quality products allows us to better serve our customers.  

Q. How do I know if my logo is the right color or resolution?

A. Send it to us! We will let you know. Many times we recreate or update logos to meet specifications. If we do, we will send you a copy for your future needs. There are no additional charges.

Q. How do I send you our menu?

A. Preferably, already updated in some type of text based computer file.  However, if you don't have your menu in a file, send us what you have. We will figure out how to make it work!  

Q. I don't do "e-mail" can I just call you with the information?

A. Sorry, No. Email is a key part of our work flow. It ensures that your project stays on track in a timely manner and keeps a documented record of each step of the process. Great communication leads to an outstanding finished product.

Q. What is your "Money-Back Guarantee"?

A. If you are not satisfied with your product design we will refund 100% of your order.  Once the Final Proof is approved and sent to print there are no refunds.

Q. How do I pay for postage for mailing? Do I need a permit?

A. Our price is one flat fee that includes postage and use of our mailing permit.

Q. Can I get "extras" from my mailing shipped directly to me?

A. No. Our ALL-INCLUSIVE mailings do not require Sales Tax. When we ship the product to you it becomes taxable.  If you would like "extras", please select the 'print-only' selection and order the quantity that you require.